Post-race FAQ’s

When do entries open for the 2017 Bournemouth Marathon Festival?

Entries are open now!

Where are my results?

You can find your results here. Full and final results will be submitted to relevant parties for the purposes of verification of entries to other races and for ranking systems within 7 days of the event.

Where can I download my Official Photos?

You can view and download your photos from the event here.

Where do I get my finish certificate?

Please visit the Marathon Photos website and type in your race number in the search box. In ’your race’ you will see text saying “Congratulations on completing, with a finish time of xx:xx, download your free finish certificate.

How do I leave my feedback from the race?

We welcome your feedback. Without it we cannot accurately tell which aspects you really liked and would like to see more of and which need improvement. Please log into your My Details account and click on the questionnaire link. Thank you.

My result isn’t showing on the website?

You will not have received a time if your chip was not worn on your race number as outlined in your Final Details document. If you lost, dropped or wore your chip incorrectly we will not be able to give you a time. If you did not get a recorded time on the 30km mat (furthest point of the route) we will not display your result. If you have any other queries about your result, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Where are my split and category times?

Your split times and categories are shown in your My Details account.

What do I do with my timing chip after the race?

The timing chip is disposable, you do not need to return it to us.

I did not finish, can I still get a finishers medal and a finishers goodybag?

Sorry no, medals and finishers goodybags are a mark of achievement of finishing the race so it would not be fair to those that ran the full distance.

When will I receive my Medal insert order?

Your personalised medal insert will arrive through the post 6-8 weeks after the event.

I’ve not collected my baggage from the baggage truck.

Please use the contact form below. Select ’event information’ and send us a detailed description of the bag and its contents and we will investigate for you.

The distance on my GPS Device says I ran more/less than the race distance.

The course is measured by IAAF course certified measurers. GPS devices are not as accurate as many runners believe. Even if you had a perfectly accurate GPS device, you should expect it to record a distance slightly longer than the official length. For example, when you factor in the crowds and the water stops, it is nearly impossible to run the shortest possible path that the certifier takes when measuring the course.

When will I receive my finisher’s T-shirt?

If you didn’t receive a T-shirt when you completed your race, please get in touch with us via the online contact form and we will arrange to have one send out to you as soon as possible.

Pre-race FAQs

When do entries open for the 2017 Bournemouth Marathon Festival?

Entries are open now.

How and when do I receive my race number?

All entrants who registered with a UK or European address will have their race numbers posted out to them in September, all numbers should be received no later than Wednesday 28th September. All entrants registered with addresses outside Europe, those who have not received a race number in the post or those who require a replacement will need to visit the BMF Hub at Lower Gardens to collect their race number.

Can I update my details (address, predicted time etc)?

If your surname has changed, please contact us using the form below and we can update this for you. You can update your address details and your predicted time up until 31st August 2016. For UK runners, the address we have on our system on 31st August 2016 will be the address your race number is posted to in September 2016. Race numbers cannot be posted to a different address after this date, nor can predicted times be updated after this date.

Can I transfer my place to another runner looking to run in the same race?

NO. The deadline to transfer your entry to another runner was 24th August at 5pm and has now passed. Please click here for more information on transfers and withdrawals.

Can I transfer my place to another race (eg Marathon to Half)?

NO. We do not allow runners to transfer between races for the health and safety of all our participants. Supplies are allocated per race, if we allow runners to move between races then one race would have over supply in one race and the under supply in another race. When organising a large scale running event race supplies (t-shirts, medals etc etc) are specific to the race and are organised and ordered months in advance. Please click here for more information on transfers and withdrawals.

I want to enter more than one person - is this possible?

It is, however you need to create a separate ’My Details’ account for each runner and use a separate password for each entrant.

Is there a cut-off time for the marathon/half marathon?

Yes, the events operate a strict maximum cut off time of 6 hours 30 minutes for the full marathon and 3 hours 15 minutes for the half marathon. The events are serious athletics endurance races which require a large amount of appropriate training and preparation in order to complete safely. Therefore we strongly discourage participants who do not intend to complete the course within these time limits. Any runner who does not complete the course within the time limit will not be permitted to complete the race and will not receive a result. A sweeper bus follows the race at 6 hour 30 minute pace for the full and 3 hour 15 minute pace for the half and if you are passed by the sweeper bus at any point and for any reason, you will be asked to get onto the bus which will transport you back to the finish area at the earliest possible opportunity. If you decide not to get onto the sweeper bus, your running number is recorded and you are removed from the race, from this point onwards you will be continuing independently of the event and at your own risk. You will be recorded as a DNF within the results of the event.

Can I take part using a wheelchair or handbike?

Yes. the Bournemouth Marathon Festival is an inclusive festival of running and we welcome entries from wheelchair and handbike users across all of our races. There are no separate wheelchair or handbike races, anyone entering the events will be included within the mass field for their respective race. Anyone taking part in a wheelchair or handbike must be self propelled for the entire race, therefore, participants in electric wheelchairs and individuals being pushed by a friend/colleague are not permitted on the course. We will do everything that we can to accommodate wheelchair and handbike users but there are also time limits which all entrants must stay within. Any entrants who are predicted to complete the course significantly ahead of the elite field can unfortunately not be accommodated on the course as the event operates on roads which are closed for a limited period of time and would not provide a safe route to anyone significantly ahead of the elite field. There are also maximum time limits for all races which are outlined above. These times are designed to be as inclusive as possible but anyone entering an event must be able to stay within the time limit as key course facilities such as closed roads, hydration stations and toilets cannot remain in place indefinitely. As event organisers we will ensure that we can accept entrants from wheelchair and handbike users across all events wherever possible but there may be some circumstances in which this isn’t possible. If you are unsure as to whether the factors outlined above will impact upon your entry, please contact our event team using the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to help.

Is there a cut-off time for the 10K and 5K events?

Yes, the cut off time for the 10K is 1 hour 30 minutes and the cut off time for the 5K is 1 hour. A sweeper bus follows the back of the race at this pace and if you are passed by the sweeper bus at any point and for any reason, you will be asked to get onto the bus which will transport you back to the finish area at the earliest possible opportunity. If you decide not to get onto the sweeper bus, your running number is recorded and you are removed from the race, from this point onwards you will be continuing independently of the event and at your own risk. You will be recorded as a DNF within the results of the event.

Can I run in any of the BMF events pushing a pram, buggy or wheelchair or using additional assistance such as walking poles?

No. We only permit runners and self propelled wheelchairs on the BMF routes. Please do not plan to take part pushing any objects, carrying small children or using walking poles as this is not permitted.

When will I receive my merchandise?

We aim to deliver merchandise items within 3-5 working days of your order. Overseas deliveries may take up to 6-8 weeks. To exchange/return any goods, please see our Merchandise Returns Policy here.

Can I wear headphones?

YES. UKA rules state ’The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic. This restriction does not apply to races held on dual carriageways provided that there are clear, structured separations between the separate carriageways. Competition Providers of races held entirely on roads closed to traffic may apply this condition where appropriate to local circumstances.

Can you give me some information about travel options on race day?

YES we can! Please click here to go to our transport page.

Where are the hydration (water/energy) stations on course?

Click here to view where the hydration stations are for the marathon, relay and half marathon? There will be High5 Energy gels at the energy stations. There will not be energy drinks.

Which High5 Gels will be available on course?

At each energy station there will be a mixture of ENERGYGEL (without caffeine) and ENERGYGEL PLUS (with caffeine). There will not be any ISOGEL products on course.

Are there Pacers/ Pace setters at this event?

NO. There are no pacers at this event.

How can I guarantee that I will be in the same start pen as my friend that I want to run with?

Unfortunately you can’t guarantee it and we can’t move you into the same start pen HOWEVER if you select a specific time as your predicted finish time, for example 4 hours 18 minutes, there is a higher chance of being in the same pen than if you select a more commonly selected finish time like 4 hours 30 minutes. All predicted times will be locked in August 2016 and therefore any updates must be completed in advance of this date.

I don’t want to enter online, can I pay for my entry over the phone or by cheque?

No. With thousands of runners entering BMF races each year we can’t make exceptions to our online entry process.

I want to enter my child in to one of the junior races - how do I do this?

What you need to do is create a My Details account for your child and enter them in the same way that you would enter yourself. If you wish to use your email address, you can do, however you would need to make sure that the password is different to your own account.

Can I use my Bournemouth Marathon time as a qualifying time for other international marathons including London and Boston?

The Bournemouth Marathon course has been certified by AIMS and meets all domestic and international measure criteria. Therefore, times from the Bournemouth Marathon can be submitted as qualifying times for other international marathons with full confidence. Please note that the event organisers at other marathon events have the final say on whether they accept any qualifying time.

My running club isn’t listed? What should I do?

If you can’t find your running club listed in the drop down menu, please contact us using the form below and we can add it to the list for you. To update your running club at any time, all you need to do is alter your information in the ’My Info’ section of your ’My Details’ account.

Can I get my entry re-instated after I have withdrawn?

No, if you have opted to withdraw from the event, your entry cannot be reinstated. We would therefore advise that you think carefully before withdrawing or transfering your place in the Bournemouth Marathon Festival.

When will my Final Details and Bus Tickets be available?

Your Final Details document and bus tickets will be available to download from within your My Details account from 3 weeks prior to the event.

Can I take my dog on the event buses?

No, only registered guide dogs will be permitted on the event buses.

Which finishers T-shirt size should I choose?

Our T-shirt sizes are: S – 36″, M – 40″, L – 44″, XL – 48″. Please note that we pre-order t-shirts based on the size that you chose when you entered and is printed on your race number – please ensure that this is the size that you collect when passing through the finish funnels. The 1.5k runners all receive the same size, which equates to a XXXS. 2k runners all receive the same size, which equates to XXS.

I have been allocated into a different start pen to my friend/family member, can we start together?

Runners are not permitted to move forwards into faster start pens but runners will not be prevented from moving back and starting in a timing pen further back from the start line so that they can be with friends or family. We do however strongly encourage all runners to start in their allocated start pen as each runner has been individually allocated based upon their predicted time and the number of runners allocated to each start pen has been capped to ensure enough space for all runners in the start area.

My child is entered in the Junior 1.5k or Junior 2k race, can I run with them?

Yes. We would encourage parents or guardians to spectate from the side of the course rather than to run in the event so as to minimise the number of adults on the course and create the best possible environment for the children to enjoy the run. However, if you want to run with your child, this is permitted. If running with your child then please take a position within the start area in the back start pen so as to not obstruct any children who are looking to race and run fast times at the front of the race.

Do I need to buy a shuttle bus ticket for my child?

Children that are small enough to safely sit on their parents knee do not require their own bus ticket to travel on the event shuttle buses. However, if the child requires their own seat, a ticket must be purchased for them.


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