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MHA is a charity providing care, accommodation and support services for more than 16,000 older people throughout Britain. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of older people, inspired by Christian concern.

Founded by members of the Methodist Church back in 1943, today we support:-

  • 5,000 older people living in our care homes, many receiving specialist dementia or nursing care
  • 2,000 older people living independently in purpose-built apartments, with access to social and leisure facilities and flexible care should they need it
  • 9,000 older people living independently in their own homes with the support of our Live at Home schemes across the UK.

Fundraising for MHA Music Therapy

For people with dementia, music therapy provides a vital opportunity to express emotions and interact with others in a safe and supportive environment. MHA is committed to providing music therapy free of charge to all residents with dementia who will benefit from it, but we need your help!

Your sponsorship could help in the following ways:

  • £30 could pay for an individual music therapy session, giving someone with dementia the opportunity to express their feelings.
  • £45 could pay for a group music therapy session, allowing people to interact and enjoy a shared experience.
  • £170 could pay for a set of handheld instruments, including drums, tambourines and maracas, providing the opportunity for people with dementia to experiment with different sounds and maintain their co-ordination skills.
  • £360 could pay for a 12 week course of music therapy sessions for one person, easing anxiety and improving their overall feeling of well-being.

Fundraise for MHA Live at Home

Living in our own home is one way in which we maintain our independence. Yet really “living” is also about friendship and support, about being involved in our community, about getting out and about and simply enjoying ourselves. Sometimes, though, that is easier said than done.

Through local Live at Home schemes, MHA provides social contact and support for older people who wish to continue living at home but feel increasingly isolated. We enable people to live a more fulfilled life.

Live at Home was established over 25 years ago, today we operate nearly 80 community schemes throughout the country. Each one is different. It has its own manager and – crucially – a team of committed volunteers. Together they provide a wide range of activities:

- Befriending schemes and advocacy

- Telebuddies service

- Lunch clubs

- History and reminiscence groups

- Outings and holidays

Live at Home schemes are supported by MHA’s national staff team, which ensures that standards are maintained and training delivered to volunteers.


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