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Over 1.3 billion people worldwide have no access electricity. Indoor air pollution from traditional fuels used for lighting and heating kills two million people every year – mainly women and children.  The lack of access to reliable, affordable, sustainable energy services is a significant barrier to global economic and social development. 

Renewable World, the charity of the Renewable Energy Industry, works to overcome these issues, tackling poverty through the provision of renewable energy (from wind, hydro, solar and biogas) in developing countries. We work with local partners to provide renewable energy services for remote off-grid communities. Through powering homes, businesses, schools and clinics and pumping clean water, our projects enable individuals and families to generate increased income, and improve access to health and education.


Why join our Renewable World Team? 

By running for Renewable World, you can help transform lives.  Our work focuses on the “poorest of the poor” in Central America, East Africa and South Asia – those who presently cannot afford or are not serviced by private energy providers.  Raising sponsorship for Renewable World will give vulnerable people the energy services they need to work their way out of poverty. 



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