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Headway Dorset's mission is : to support, inform and empower all those affected by an acquired brain injury.

Headway Dorset offers a range of services for people who have an acquired brain injury. We offer community rehabilitation throughout Dorset and have an inter-disciplinary team including: Clinical Manager, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Neuro Psychologist, Neuro Physiotherapist, Carer Support Workers, Rehabilitiation Coaches and a Counseller

Rehabilitation is offered via an individual intervention program and may be on a 1:1 or group work basis. The range of activities that may be undertaken include: life skills such as budgeting and cooking, cognitive rehabilitation and brain injury education, leisure activities such as pottery and woodwork, pre-work assessment and vocational rehabilitation

We also run a befriending scheme that includes 1:1 support and 4 peer support groups across Dorset, carer support for families and carers, gym and swimming classes, a gardening group, womens self esteem group and mens group.

Headway Dorset operates an open referral system and will accept referrals from amongst others, health and social care professionals, employment services, probation services as well as the brain injured person or other family member or friend.


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