Top Club Runners

Top Club Entries athletes must meet the criteria outlined below to be eligible for top club entries. All athletes must have run the standard since 1st January 2017. Top Club entrants receives complimentary entry and front start pen access. Please note that Top Club places are only available to British athletes. In order to be considered for Top Club entry, athletes must apply for places no later than 5pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. Please note, this deadline may be brought forward if the event reaches capacity.

Criteria for top club entry:

Race Distance  Male   Female
Qualifying time (marathon) sub 2:40:00 sub 3:00:00
Qualifying time (half marathon) sub 1:12:00 sub 1:23:00

Good For Age Runners

If you have run a marathon or half marathon after the 1st January 2017 that meets the criteria below then you can apply for a ‘Good for Age’ entry. This is a reduced price entry which also guarantees an starting pen near the front of the race. To be considered for a Good for Age entry, please contact us no later than 5pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. You must be within the time limit to get a Good for Age entry, please don’t contact us if you are not fully within the time limit as we will reject your application.

The time criteria for MARATHON good for age runners is shown below:

Men Time Women  Time
age 18 – 40 sub 3.05 age 18 – 49 sub 3.30
age 41 – 59 sub 3.15 age 50 – 54 sub 4.00
age 60 – 64 sub 3.30 age 55 – 59 sub 4.15
age 65 – 69 sub 4.00 age 60 – 64 sub 4.30
age 70 sub 5.00 age 65 – 69 sub 5.30
    age 70 sub 6.30

The time criteria for HALF MARATHON good for age runners is shown below:

age 18 – 40 sub 75 mins Age 18 – 40 sub 90 mins
Age 41 – 50 sub 85 mins Age 41 – 50 sub 100 mins
Age 50 sub 95 mins Age 50 sub 110 mins


You can find details on prizes for the Bournemouth Marathon Festival here.
How do I apply for an Top Club/Good for Age entry? Please contact us using the form below no later than 5pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 and state which distance you’re applying for within the message box. You should receive a reply from us within 7 working days. If your entry is accepted, we will email you an entry password which you should use during the registration process.  

Your name

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Race Number

Your Message

If your query is regarding a possible inaccuracy in your result, please let us know your estimated finishing time, what you were wearing and if possible, the race number of somebody else you ran with. This allows our team to look back over video footage and ensure the accuracy of your result.