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The BMF half marathon shuttle bus will operate between Westover Road, in front of Bournemouth Pavilion (near the BMF finish area) and King’s Park (near the BMF start area) and stop at the following car parks on route. This shuttle will operate continuously between 06:00 and 12:30.

This ticket is for those who only require one way transport e.g. from Westover Road to the start area before the race.

If you are a Half Marathon Runner, we recommend that you get a bus at least before 07:00 to go to the start.

Leaves Westover Road BH1 2BU (near Lower Gardens BMF finish area) and stops at:
Cotlands Road car park BH1 3BG (Cotlands Road)
Sovereign Centre car park BH1 4SX
Kings Park BH1 4NN (BMF start area)

You can download your ticket from your My Details account within two weeks of the race.

Please note: bus tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. There will be a parking fee payable at the car park - this is not covered by your bus ticket. At the King’s Park car park the parking fee has to be paid by card using a mobile phone. Spaces will be limited at King’s Park car park.

Each person requires their own bus ticket.


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