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You’ve taken the first step by signing up for the Bournemouth Marathon Festival, now to put in the hard work to be at your absolute best at the start line! Follow our training plans to get you into shape for the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, we have a guide to suit you. Click on the event you’re participating in below to view your training plan.

Full Marathon
Half Marathon
Supersonic 10k
Supernova 5k


High5 Running Nutrition Guides have been designed to help you run faster and to finish a challenge, like a marathon, feeling strong and with a smile on your face. High5 work exceptionally hard to ensure that you can perform at your best. All High5 products undergo rigorous testing in both the lab and with athletes in the real world. It won’t let you down when it matters most.

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Exercise is thirsty work. Whenever you exercise you lose fluid, not only through sweating but also as water vapour in the air that you breathe out. Your body’s fluid losses can be very high and, if the fluid is not replaced quickly, dehydration will follow. This will have an adverse effect on your physical performance and health. Exercise will be much harder and you will suffer fatigue sooner.Click for more info


Sporting injuries not only slow down your training but can require physiotherapy or medical attention to get you back on track. As they say, ’prevention is better than cure’, so here’s our guide to preventing injury through ’prehab’. Prehab assesses and addresses any potential limitations athletes might have before embarking on a programme of training or exercise. While it is impossible to make yourself 100 percent resistant to injury, you can minimise your risk by understanding your current musculoskeletal health and working to improve functional movement related to your sport.Click for more info